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Creation of sites in Almaty from professionals - simple and profitable!

Creation of sites in Almaty from professionals - simple and profitable!

The web studio “init” has been successfully operating in the market since 2011.

Since our inception, we have created over 500 sites. We can call ourselves one of the best web studios in the city of Almaty, as we develop sites of any complexity. We have vast experience in complex projects.

By ordering a website from us, you will receive a quality product with a guarantee, convenient conditions for cooperation and reasonable prices!

For each project, we assign a personal manager who will run the website and advise you for the entire period of service.

We create websites in 2 weeks + 6 months of maintenance as a gift

Website development today is available to everyone. It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without the Internet, available even in the most remote corners of the planet.

Sites today are not only cats, videos on YouTube and social networks, but also a convenient and functional tool that is widely used everywhere for various areas of business, from online trading to banking and financial transactions.

Therefore, it is quite logical that for a full-fledged activity in the vastness of the network, you need your own website, namely a website, and not just a page or a group in social networks. If you are thinking about creating your own website, then our web-studio is ready to help you, since the main specialization is creating sites of any complexity in Almaty and Kazakhstan in the shortest possible time at an affordable price.

Create it yourself or trust the experts?

Create it yourself or trust the experts?

Surely you have already been interested in the issues related to the creation of sites in Almaty, and the prices for such a service. And they were considering the option of creating their own website on their own or contacting freelancers, whose services cost is lower than in a professional web studio.

Many people make the decision to develop a site on their own, because they do not consider paying web developers, because you can use numerous free templates using the instructions, and ultimately reduce costs. This option is possible, but in such a situation you should be prepared for a number of troubles.

Non-unique design

Non-unique website design. Creation of sites according to templates threatens that you can come across a thousand pages in the same way (with the same markup, pictures and blocks), but with different text content

Lack of technical support

Lack of technical support. Free templates have many limitations, including those related to technical support. Therefore, if there are any problems with the site, then surely no one will help you to solve them.

Security threat

Minimum website security. Hacking a site created on the basis of a free template will not be difficult for advanced users who know a little about programming. If the site is simple informational, then it can be blocked, and if it contains confidential information about users or your scanned statutory documents, then they may be at the disposal of intruders, and this can lead to irreparable consequences.


Limited functionality. Creation of a website based on a free template practically does not provide for the presence of additional modules, so you can forget about the feedback form, automatically created pop-up, full-fledged sorting and chat with an operator or an employee of your company

Do you want a quality website?

If you want to get a quality resource, then it is important to entrust the creation of a turnkey website to our web studio. One of the features of such a site is that it is developed exclusively for your project.
When developing sites, we don’t use templates, the site is developed and adapted for a specific project and customer requirements, taking into account the specifics of the client’s company.

When contacting the specialists of our web studio, you can be sure that the design of your website will be unique (it will be developed by an experienced designer who knows all the subtleties and modern trends of online marketing) and it will not have any analogues. An important positive point will be the software shell developed by our programmers, written taking into account the specifics of your project, thanks to which your site will open without problems in any browsers and on mobile devices.

Do you want a quality website?

Why you should contact our web studio "init"?

The main direction of our work is the professional creation of websites in Kazakhstan, and we successfully carry it out.

Among the features of cooperation with our web studio in Almaty, specializing in the creation of websites and mobile applications, we can single out:

Individual approach

It is enough for you to tell our managers in detail which site you need, and we guarantee that we can put all your ideas into practice by making a functional, reliable and secure Internet resource

Unique design

When developing the site, we don't use templates, since the design and content management system of the site is developed by our specialists for each project, and at the same time, modern trends in Internet marketing and the specifics of your company in Almaty and throughout Kazakhstan are taken into account.

Package of services

The creation of sites in Almaty is perceived by our employees as a set of measures aimed at developing and filling the resource with the simultaneous provision of full-fledged technical support, due to which your site will comply with all current international standards

SEO promotion

We produce not only websites,but also their promotion on the Internet, due to which you can count on good results in search engines. As part of the promotion, we set up SEO optimization of the site and set up contextual advertising, which allows you to significantly increase traffic to the resource and attract new customers from the target audience

Two weeks

The terms for the implementation of each project are discussed with the manager, but often they do not exceed two weeks, and the terms are clearly indicated during the signing of the cooperation agreement

Still thinking? Competitors are not waiting!

After creating the site, we are ready to provide full support for your resource and its updating in the future, so you do not need to additionally hire an employee who will only deal with the site.

If you need a high-quality website in Almaty, then do not experiment, otherwise you will simply lose your time and money, contact us – we will definitely help!

A few words about us

Our web studio “init” was created quite a long time ago (we have been working for more than ten years), and during this time it has already managed to declare itself on the IT services market in Almaty and Kazakhstan. Our team consists of young professionals who view the process of creating a website as a creative task and not a simple mechanical job. For us, each project is unique, and we do everything to ensure that our customers are not only satisfied, but also confidently recommend the studio to their friends and acquaintances. Thanks to the fact that our team employs creative designers, experienced programmers, competent SEO specialists, versatile copywriters, you are guaranteed to get a site that will become your pride and arouse the envy of your competit

Maintenance of the site
after development
Initial SEO
We accept payment
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What types of sites can be ordered from us?

A common situation when our studio is approached by clients who do not know exactly what kind of site they need – Landing Page, Internet store or business card site. We offer website development in Almaty at various levels, namely:

Business card website

As the name implies, these are sites that allow you and your company to be introduced to potential clients or partners. In most cases, these are small sites containing up to ten pages with detailed information about contacts, services, and the specifics of the company's work.

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Online store

The development of websites for trading a variety of goods is considered one of the most difficult and time-consuming, but the presence of such a site will allow you to occupy your niche in online trading, which is constantly gaining momentum. An important feature of creating websites for trade is that the price of developing an online store depends not only on the number of products presented, but also on the functionality implemented using dynamically created forms, templates for payment with electronic currencies or bank cards, additional security plugins.

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Corporate website

Corporate websites - the creation of sites of such a plan is a rather painstaking and time-consuming work, since they are a full-fledged information portal used not only for the presentation of the company, but also for the maximum familiarization of the client with services, goods, prices. Among the features of corporate sites, one can single out the possibility of using them as information resources covering all areas of your company's activities, from links to social networks to posting thematic videos telling about the features of production processes and logistics.

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Landing Page

A one-page website designed to maximize customer engagement. Such sites can be compared to advertising brochures used to advertise a particular product (goods), services or events. At the same time, the creation of sites of this format allows you to attract targeted traffic to the main information resource.

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Don't know which site to choose?

In order to determine what kind of turnkey website development you need, you just need to contact our managers and web developers who will be happy to help you choose one or another type of resource that can bring you maximum profit.

How the website is created in our web studio

Building a website from scratch is a difficult process that requires attention to every stage. Our specialists have sufficient experience to create websites in Almaty even for those clients who do not know what kind of resource they need. In order for you to understand the required amount of work to create a full-fledged website, our team has divided this process into several main stages.

Conversation with the client

During it, our specialists involved in the development of sites communicate with clients in order to find out the specifics of their company's work, wishes regarding the design, functionality and purpose of the site. At this stage, the format of the site is determined - landing page, business card site, online store or corporate site, and the approximate cost of our work is announced.

Marketing planning

A procedure designed to identify the key tasks for creating a website. As part of such planning, the purpose of the resource is determined, the target audience is studied and the main goal of the project is established. If you carry out marketing planning correctly, you can get an idea of the concept of the created resource at the initial stage of development.

Technical planning

It allows you to develop an initial skeleton of the site, a list of software functions, auxiliary modules is planned and an approximate selection of a site content management system (CMS) is made.

Website design development

It is rightfully considered one of the most time-consuming stages of website development, since a number of factors are taken into account in the implementation process - the corporate style of the customer company, the client's wishes regarding the elements, modern trends in the design of websites for various purposes. It is important to remember that a properly selected and developed website design, the colors and elements used should not scare away the client, but, on the contrary, attract his attention with loyal color schemes and thoughtful arrangement.

Page making

The process of converting graphical and functional elements into HTML that is readable by browsers. Our specialists pay special attention to ensuring that your site is multiplatform - it should be fully displayed in various browsers on any devices - PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones controlled by various OS.

CMS setup

The choice of the software basis for managing the content of the site allows you to make your site as functional as possible, convenient to use and protected from third-party interference (especially important when creating online stores with provided online payment). The CMS is configured so that the user (the person in charge of your company) can update information, add pages or change the structure of the resource. Also, our web developers, develop plugins for CMS, which are necessary for the user to perform certain tasks.

Development of mobile applications

If necessary, our programmers develop mobile applications for smartphones and tablets, allowing you to increase the number of potential customers and simplify ordering your goods and services in Almaty.

Filling content

The presence of correctly selected unique content (graphic, video, text) allows you to attract the attention of site visitors and promote it in search engines.

Site testing

After the website has been created (a domain name is selected, the hosting and tariff plan optimal for the client are selected, registration in electronic catalogs is performed). Mandatory testing is carried out in the mode of maximum loads in various browsers in order to identify possible problems and correct incorrectly displayed elements.

Do you want a good website?

It is important to know that the creation of good sites is a painstaking and time-consuming work of our team, during which it is necessary to take into account all the little things, nuances and subtleties of the functioning of the resource, but as a result you will have an information portal that can confidently promote your business in Almaty and Kazakhstan.

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Remain in good partnership.
Building WordPress sites in Almaty

During website development in Almaty we use the most popular CMS in the world – WordPress. According to statistics, more than 43% of all sites in the world using CMS are written on WordPress.

Most believe that this CMS was created for blogging, and you can develop a site using free plugins and themes.

We can agree with this, because in fact there are many different plugins and templates, both paid and free, for creating a website on WordPress.

Evolution CMS
MODX Revolution
Building WordPress sites in Almaty

Most developers work this way. Using plugins, it expands the functionality of WordPress for online commerce or use them to receive applications. But in the end, you get a busy and slow-working site with a template design.

Our web studio at Almaty works differently. Instead of using other people’s plugins and themes, we developed our own, and we write all the functionality from scratch for each site. This allows us to approach each client individually and to fulfill any assigned tasks.
Thanks to this, the sites that we create on WordPress:

  • Have a high download speed;
  • Allows you to create an unlimited number of pages for products, articles, news, blogs, services, etc;
  • SEO optimized;
  • With the ability to change all content and content;
  • Protected from hacking and viruses;

From simple landing pages consisting of one page to the development of sites with multi-level systems of personal accounts, with interaction between users, with chats, document flow and their own CRM systems.
All this can be developed on one engine.

Our advantages
Site support

Maintenance of the site after development

Server for the site

Your server for better site performance

SEO promotion

Initial SEO optimization

Installment site

We accept payment through kaspi.kz on credit or by installments


Ability to edit content and parameters


Securing the site

Discounts and promotions

For regular customers special conditions of cooperation

Contextual advertising

Free setup will ensure sales from the first day of launch

To contact us

Website development and promotion is a whole art that we managed to learn and make our favorite business. We will be happy to give detailed answers to your questions by phone or in the office.

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