Business card site

A business card site is a business card of your company on the Internet. The name of the site speaks for itself. Its task is to acquaint visitors with information about you or your company. Briefly describe what you do, what services you provide, or what products you sell

How to recognize a business card site, what features it has. In fact, only one feature, this applies to ten pages, or even me.n. After all, all sites are obtained, the code and structure are the same as those of the corporate one. A business card artificially limits page speed.

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Business card site

Creating a business card site

Creating a business card site these days is not a difficult process. There are a lot of freelancers on all sorts of exchanges who will make cheap sites, but no one is responsible for security and quality. Because here everything is at your own risk and fear. You should not contact people without a portfolio that he could prove. Even here it is better to overpay a little and order from a person with experience. Yes, and according to his portfolio, you will have an idea in what style he does and whether he will suit you. Even when working with the most experienced freelancer, it is better to conduct transactions through exchanges / services, it will be safer. For you run the risk of being left without money and without a site.

If you want a quality website with a guarantee and service, then it is better to contact a web studio. Website development in a web studio is the safest and easiest way to get a working website. After all, it is better to trust professionals and not worry about anything.

And the third way to create a website on the Internet is to make a website yourself. Spend a lot of time studying. Break your head and not sleep at night. And it’s not a fact that it will work out, even if it turns out it’s not a fact that the site will be good. Well, or make a website through the designers. But such sites are poorly indexed by search engines, because of the terrible code. Basically they are template and all have a similar design. You can enable limited functionality on the site, and you will have to pay for each additional chip every month. The site is not yours. It can be taken from you at any time. You are dependent on a third party company. If you plan to work for a long time, it is better to order a site from professionals. After all, your website is the face of your company!

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Business card site
Small business website
  • For small and medium businesses
  • For detailed information about the company
  • Possibility of good SEO website promotion
  • Ease of site management
  • Low cost
from 290 000 tg.
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Business card site

A business card site is a good way to contact a client. Usually it consists of 7-10 pages.

  • Main page.
  • About company.
  • Maybe a page that briefly describes your services and products.
  • A page with your company’s contacts and directions.

The main page of the business card site is the main page. It contains all the necessary information about you or about your company. Brief information about the history of your company with a link to the “about us” page or the like. And the same can be done with services or goods. And most importantly, these are functions such as leaving a request, requesting a call, etc. etc.

Many home page backgrounds are made into a slider, or even just a gallery. The background, design and structure are all to the taste of each person. There are no templates or standards here. You can do it in a minimalist style, build everything concisely in a strict style, or add more different animations and dilute everything with bright pictures, as I said above, it’s all a matter of taste.

Page with services/products. You can briefly write about them on the main page and paint in more detail on a separate page. Usually on this page they are divided into blocks, prescribing only very important information (Brand, model, necessary characteristics). Since this is a business card site, you are limited by the number of pages and cannot give a separate page for each product / service. And therefore it is necessary to be limited to information in blocks.

Page “contacts”. Basically, all contacts about the company are written on this page and a map with the location map function is attached. Nothing much can be done on this page, except that they also leave a feedback function here.

Buy business card website

You can buy a business card website anytime and anywhere, as described above. But if you are not sure whether you need a site or just want to find out information for yourself, or maybe you need a larger site, then contact the INIT web studio, that is, contact us. You can leave a request and our manager will contact you immediately. We will listen to you, find your problem and find a solution together with you.

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